Mid-week special: Courgetti, chorizo and pine nuts


We have been away for a while and have had a few things on the back burner, our write up of our Sicily trip being one of them. Valencia was wonderful; not speaking a word of Spanish made things slightly tricky, not helped by trying to talk Italian instead. God knows how we all found the mental capacity to cope.

We finally got back to gardening on Wednesday, walking up very sheepishly as we haven’t been for months. Luckily, we left with such a bounty of fresh food that we went home to cook one of the freshest recipes we have made in a while. Using a courgette the size of Paddy (washed) and the reddest tomatoes we have ever seen!


Courgetti with fresh tomato, chorizo and pine nuts 

It’s nothing new Courgetti has been around for a while but the freshness of this dish was out of this world a solid 30 mins from ground to plate. And my was it delicious! Lloyd Grossman jar stand down.


1 courgette per person

Handful of toms (plum. Cherry, anything fresh) per person

Half ring of chorizo

1 red onion

Clove of garlic

1 chilli pepper

2 tsp of hot paprika

Salt and pepper

On a high heat fry the chorizo and removed when cooked. Using the oil from the chorizo, fry the onion, chilli and garlic over a low heat. Once soften turn up the heat and add the paprika and halved toms. Simmer till soft and cooked through.

In a separate pan toast the pine nuts until they start to turn golden brown but be careful to not let them burn. Meanwhile, in a frying pan heat the Courgetti with olive oil, seasoning with salt and pepper when soft.

Serve the Courgetti with the sauce and scatter the toasted pine nuts – might not be from the allotment for everyone but it will be the tastiest courgette you’ll get!